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Squaring the circle...

The rants, wibblings and life of a Cambridge Geek.

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10 October
Sad geek.

To demonstrate this sad geekery I even have a links list at senji_links.

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Most, but not all, content is © material produced by myself. I assert my moral and (in some jurisdictions) legal right to be identified as the author/creator of it. Some content was created by other persons and any © lies with them. The presence of third-party material in my journal should not be taken as general evidence of a right to republish such material.

Permission is granted to reproduce all material created by myself and published in public entries, provided that such reproductions are distributed without profit, except where a specific entry explicitly overrides this clause. Permission to distribute for profit may be granted for any entry, please contact me for details.

If my material is being reproduced I consider it a courtesy to be informed of such.

Items that are not in my copyright include, but are not limited to: some of my userpics, items of livejournal furniture, the ozy-and-millie mood icon set, the replacement "livejournal men" (produced by RoseQuoll).

My policy is that I am not currently making locked posts, and that I will not delete comments made against my entries unless they are:
a) Spam
b) Duplicates of other comments
c) Requested to be deleted by the original poster
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