senji/ground experience

Today I got blown off my bike.

I was just approaching this junction at the tail of a queue of traffic (roadworks previously had ensured this), slowing down to stop in the right-turn lane when, as I got past the end of the Taylor Vinters building, a strong gust of cross-wind hit me and all of a sudden I'm doing that whole flying in the air thing.

Next thing I know I'm mostly underneath my bicycle about a foot and a half away from where the wind hit me, in the middle of the white-slashed central triangle. One leg was entangled rather in my handlebars which provided a slight barrier to freeing myself but I'm sure that if I hadn't managed it then the person who asked if I was OK would have helped out.

I walked the rest of my way to work. I appear to have suffered large grazes on my left elbow and knee and torn a nice big hole in my trousers, but otherwise come off OK.

Spam, and evil shell hackery.

This is a graph of spam incidence upon mail arriving at one of my mail addresses at ysolde.ucam.org. It doesn't include spam received by various kinds of automated facilities, mailing lists (except where I receive the mail), other users, or the few blacklisted/actively SAUCEd source-addresses. You may need to view the image on its own at full size — the shrunk version above is a link to the full image.

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Unfortunately it's already out of date...

Seen on a games company website…

Undiscovered: Discovering Dusters *SALE*
Price: £1.00

Reduced from £9.99

Discovering Dusters contains detailed information on the duster race, including half-breeds and a new race containing duster blood. It goes into detail on the tribal life of the dusters, their customs and beliefs, their ceremonies, and even their language and mythology.

Chilli Sweets

Some months ago, at Relativity, I was (barely) introduced to a packet of some items which looked like chilli-shaped jelly sweets but tasted like chillies. (i.e. hot). Does anyone have any idea what they might have been, or where one could purchase such things?

In the main a note to myself.

I have a policy which says, approximately, that if two people independantly and in good faith recommend a book or author to me then I will make a reasonable effort to try and read it.

This state has recently occured with respect of Charlie Stross' The Atrocity Archives. Diziet has offered to lend me a copy once this is more structurally convenient.

Lady Jane Grey and all that.

We, the English, almost pride ourself on our knowledge of our monarchy. Thus if you ask us to name an obscure English monarch we'll probably mostly think briefly and then have a sure answer. Some will cite William Rufus, or King John.

Others will pull out the traditional argument and cite Edward V or Henry VI part II. Both Matilda§ and Stephen have their supporters and there are those who will look back even further, citing Canute¥ or Partacanute.

Even Arthur and Richard II have their supporters, despite both being immortalised in the media. Oh, and who can forget the odd Jacobite who will insist on Charles III.

But, I think, the most popular answer will be Lady Jane Grey (although some would argue that the most famous obscure monarch is in fact Æthelred the Unready).

Despite all of this, SGO research historians have recently discovered two even more obscure monarchs — Edgar the Atheling and Louis.

Famous for having a red beard, and dying on the hunt.
Who, despite the impression Robin Hood stories tend to give, actually was King for some years after Lionheart's death.
Famous for being locked in the Tower and killed, although noöne can agree by whom.
§ Or is it Maud?
"this and more we suffered nineteen winters for our sins."
¥ Subject of an early attempt at spin involving oceans.
Fabricated out of whole cloth by Sellar and Yeatman.
Famous for mixing burnt cakes and wine in the cup from our Lord's last supper.
Invented by Shakespeare.
Who unfortunately fails on both counts, being neither obscure nor a monarch.
Around whom we appear to have built a kind of underground national history cult.
A pleasingly oxymoronic phrase.
Who was eventually expelled from the Danish Jazz group for taking too long to set up his clarinet.
Who succeeded Harold after the Battle of Hastings, and later abdicated to William the Conqueror before he was crowned.
Who kind of foreshadowed Williamandmary.
One of the main reasons for Footnote 11.

70% extra

Following my camera woes I went to Jessops and ordered a new battery which I picked up on Saturday along with the usual "it looks a bit bigger than the old one, can I bring it back if it doesn't fit" discussion.

In fact it is a bit bigger, but when you insert it into the camera a previously unnoticed flap folds away such that it fits. And it's 1800mAh rather than 1050mAh which has to be good.