Senji (senji) wrote,

Simple voting eligability for people who are registered in more than one place.

I posted this earlier as a comment in beckyc's journal, but I've been pointing it at a lot of people, so I'm going to repost it an an entry. It's a simple explanation of where people who are registered in more than one place (this should include all UK students who are not living at home) are eligable to vote (in the UK).

You are allowed to cast votes once for each body that you are eligable to vote for. (This process may involve indicating more than one preference, such as in Cambridge City where you will probably be allowed to indicated three preferences).


If you are resident in Clifton (York) and Market (Cambridge) then you are entitled to vote in:
  • Clifton Ward of York UA

  • Market Ward of Cambridge CC

  • Either the "Yorkshire and Humber" district of the European elections or the "Eastern" district of the European elections.

  • Either the "Vale of York" constituency of the House of Commons or the "Cambridge" constituency of the House of Commons.

However, if your residencies are Market (Cam) and Arbury (Cam) then the local elections are for the same body, so you can only vote in one of the two local elections.

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