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Drabbles for morganmuffle

Chatted to morganmuffle briefly about the Lily/Narcissa pairing that is her OTP last night. Ended up with a plot bunny this morning (actually it turned into two bunnies). So, here are a couple of drabbles for morganmuffle for her birthday...

Title: The First Time

The castle was large, and she was lost, but she hadn't noticed that yet. She was following a sound through the corridors. As she drew closer it became the sound of crying, and she wondered whom it could be.

The sound came from one of the deserted classrooms which looked out over the courtyard. There was a blonde girl sitting on the sill of one of the Victorian sash windows, looking out, tears streaming down her face.

Lily hesitated momentarily, then rushed over and flung her arms around the girl, who collapsed into her embrace.

"Poor dear, what's the matter?"

Title: The Last Time

Narcissa sat, watching the bustle of Kings Cross, waiting for the train, thinking....

Oaths are important, they bind us together; their broken shards make vicious weapons.

That's why this has to end now. "...cleave only unto him..."

But why, oh why, did it have to be now, did it have to be him?

Travellers that afternoon wondered why a smart young woman was sitting there, crying, but none of them made any move to comfort her.

Until, that is, a schoolgirl bounced out of nowhere to enfold the future Mrs Malfoy in her arms.

"It's all right, I'm here now."
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