May 27th, 2004

userinfo senji
2004/05/27 15:48:00 - Harry Potter and the third film opportunity.
I was originally planning on going to see this with the assassins, but I'd misremembered the date when they were going. So I'm goin on the Bank Holiday Monday. I've got a seat on the front row at the Arts for the 21:10 showing, and if anyone would like to join me...

Since Monday is Pizza day I'll probably congregate myself in the Fountain Inn between Pizza and the Film.
Current Mood: [mood icon] organised

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userinfo emperor
2004/05/27 09:00:23
atreic wants to wait until after-the-d00m, so I won't be there...
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userinfo pavanne
2004/05/27 13:31:29
You were going to see Harry Potter with the assassins? I might almost have met you!

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Harry Potter and the third film opportunity. - Squaring the circle... — LiveJournal

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