May 20th, 2004

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2004/05/20 23:54:00 - Meta-fic-challenge

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2004/05/20 17:25:38
He sits at his desk and frets.

The typewriter hums gently in anticipation.  Time for a new beginning?  Poised above the page, about to make his first incision, preparing for his entrance.

But every entrance is an exit somewhere else.  There can be no new beginnings, only transitions.

So he frets.

Sitting at the keyboard, suddenly, he wonders.  Is every keystroke a command somewhere else?  Do characters feel the promptings of destiny as their writers type?  Is someone writing him, now?  He wishes they'd hurry up and inspire him.

But inspiration comes from the opposite direction.

Characters exit another play.  They enter his.  They wonder whether they are free, and because they wonder, they are.

And as they wonder, their freedom compels him to type:


a play by

Tom Stoppard

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userinfo senji
2004/06/02 13:42:16
:: grins ::

I like :)

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