March 25th, 2003

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2003/03/25 14:35:00 - Bah!
Discovered yesterday morning that I couldn't find my cyclebag (which usually contains my plastic and my borg1). After a certain amount of frantic searching, and a brief pow-wow (telephonically) with Sarah, I decide that I've left it somewhere (probably The Regal, where we had lunch on Sunday (I phoned them, they don't have it)).
The day progresses punctuated by me getting bits of plastic canceled, until one of the nice call-center peoples says that I should tell the police, if only because I might need an incident number if anyone's used any of the cards. So, quite near the end of the day, after another pow-wow with Sarah who (with the help of Matthew) has got home and looked around herself for it, I give them a ring, and they've got it (including all the contents). Stress over.
The zip on it has finally given up the ghost though, and the replacement I've got doesn't have a pocket on the bottom (where I kept loose change). Anyone have any idea where I might be able to get a small draw-string bag, or similar?

1 Mobile phone.

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