May 14th, 2004

userinfo senji
2004/05/14 13:25:00 - Irony

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userinfo sion_a
2004/05/14 10:11:16
Because the details of the needs of each group are different. One big push for "equality for all" would be lovely, but it would take huge amounts of resources, and practically far more can be acheived by going one step at a time. It's all very well having an idealistic view, but it won't get anyone anywhere, while being pragmatic and selective will at least help some people.
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userinfo khendon
2004/05/14 10:27:52
I'm not convinced that women should be the priority. Are they really more discriminated against than ethnic minorities, or people of minority sexualities?

Not to mention that having a "Minister for Women" and a "Women and Equality Unit" significantly entrenches women as the priority rather than allowing a continuous assesment as things change.
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