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Pansy Parkinson

A long time ago, meallanmouse challenged me to write a Pansy character study, and I haven't been able to get inside her mind.

This morning slytherincesss posted a picture including Pansy from the next film.

Thus I feel justified in blaming the two of them for these. And in thanking enismirdal for reading them through first.

So, two Pansy Parkinson drabbles...


So, Draco's got another plan.
It won't work, they never do.
He's a bit overconfident really.
Much like his father.
I'm wondering if I've made a mistake, throwing in with them.
Might be an idea to broaden my options.
The Gryffindors?
They'll never believe me.
They don't have to, the first time.
But they will, when they see I was telling the truth.
And I don't want to get stuck with a sinking ship.
Like a rat?
Better a live rat, than a dead snake.
Whom should I approach?
Hermione perhaps?
Yes, she might even understand my motivations here...


Even Snape noticed her distraction, narrowly stopping her from pouring Bubotuber Pus all over her hands.

I can't believe it. He can't have abandoned me ...

The only person who hadn't noticed was Draco himself, too wrapped up in his own problems.

I'll show him. Yes. But whom?

There was one obvious target, and as the class filed out of the
dungeon she slipped between him and the door.

Good, he's watching...

"Have you got a date for Hogsmeade weekend?"

"N-n-n-no, Pansy."

"You do now."

She leaned over, making sure he was still watching, and kissed her target.

Neville just blushed.

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