May 13th, 2004

userinfo senji
2004/05/13 12:23:00 - Cartomancy
This map is a bit strange. The bit I noticed was in this square:

where Newark appears twice, and Lincoln no times at all (although North Hykeham does!).
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userinfo kaet
2004/05/13 04:41:42
Newark, Newark. So boring, they named it twice, :). It is very odd that lincoln has gone missing, particularly as Hykeham is just a tiny suburb of Lincoln these days, :). It's like a map without Cambridge that just says "Kings Hedges" instead, :).

Start spreading the news.... I'm leaving today.... I want to be a part of it, Newark, Newark.

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userinfo bellinghman
2004/05/13 07:57:53
Map makers are famous for introducing inconspicuous errors, in order to spot when someone else is ripping off their copyright.

Removing an entire city is a little excessive.
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userinfo yrieithydd
2004/05/13 11:51:06
The think that amused me about that map (and it was me that ended up there first as a result of trying to find what the A14 did on a longer scale after senji and I had been talking about routes from Girton and the mad junction by Girton college on ICQ) was how few places in mid-Wales are named. Rhosllanerchrugog (which is a tiny place just south-west of Wrexham - which is there) is, but places like Y Trallwng (Welshpool), y Drenewydd (Newtown) and Machynlleth aren't. Equally Ely not marked but March is. It didn't even help with the A14 question because the roads aren't named!
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userinfo lockymclean
2004/05/16 12:46:37
Note also that St Neots is marked, whilst Huntingdon isn't, and neither is Stansted, and that Bury St Edmunds has an almost identical twin Bury St Edmonds.

Good to meet you IRL at last!
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