May 10th, 2004

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2004/05/10 23:25:00 - Books! (II)
0) Brightness Reef -- David Brin (completed before 1/5)
1) Infinity's Shore -- David Brin
11) Heaven's Reach -- David Brin

Rather inaccurately called the Second Uplift Trilogy, a name which I'd dispute on the basis that the so called First Uplift Trilogy isn't really a trilogy (just three very vaguely linked books).

Anyway, this set is a trilogy, and quite a good one. The trilogy starts off almost in what you might call Fantasy, on Jijo, a planet in which 6 once-galactic species live together. As the trilogy continues it sifts further and further into the slightly skewed hard SF that catagorised Sundiver and Startide Rising, a variety of hard SF which isn't afraid to laugh at itself, which is refreshing.

Brin does a very good job of portraying his aliens, and his plot has a twist around every corner. The fan of extreme hard-SF will find him insufficiently serious, and the fantasists might be complaining about there being too many phallic symbols spaceships, but most people between should enjoy them. Startide Rising is required prerequisite reading for them, but the other two Uplift books (Sundancer and The Uplift War aren't as essential).
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userinfo theinquisitor
2004/05/10 17:48:11
I liked them. I remember buying Heaven's Reach in hardback, with some book vouchers that were a GCSE maths prize...

It's got dolphins, too. Dolphins with attitude (and lasers).
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userinfo senji
2004/05/10 18:27:55
* When intelligence flounders
 * On unknown shores
  * Force sometimes works *

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2004/05/10 23:59:19
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userinfo senji
2004/05/11 00:16:57
Yes, it might.
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userinfo simont
2004/05/11 01:17:48
... there's such a thing as optional prerequisite reading?!
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userinfo senji
2004/05/11 02:28:38
Sundancer and The Uplift War would be useful background reading, so you might call them optional prerequisites...
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