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Since atreic wanted...

Some of the answers are a bit hand-wavy, I'm afraid...

... abortion?

Difficult one this. At some point the foetus must become sapient. Before this point it should be the choice of the mother, guided by medical personal. After this point it becomes more complicated, and I would like to see a move towards more carriage-to-term followed by adoption in the cases where this is physically, mentally and socially possible. I might think differently if I was female, or pregnant, though....

... the death penalty?

I'd be happy for an opt-in death penalty for life-sentence prisoners, but otherwise the Justice System is insufficiently correct to make it safe.

... prostitution?

I see no reason why well run prostitution services with proper regulation shouldn't exist.

... alcohol?

Don't use it myself, but I figure it's a personal choice.

... marijuana?

Don't use it myself, but I figure it's a personal choice.

... other drugs?

Some drugs are too dangerous for unsupervised use.

... same-sex marriage?

Where's the problem?

... illegal immigrants?

I'd like to be able to look back in 100 years and say illegal immigration was a symptom of a market correcting itself, and for the concept not to exist any more

... smoking?

Don't use it myself, but I figure it's a personal choice. I prefer not to be in very smoky places, particularly while eating.

... drunk driving?

Lunatic. Driving is dangerous enough already.

... cloning?

Sci-fi style "new adult produced" cloning produces legal issues. Making a new child with your existing DNA probably ought to be considered the same as having sprogs via other fertility treatments.

... racism?


... premarital sex?

As long as noöne be hurt, I don't care.

... religion?


... the war in Iraq?

I'm glad Saddam is gone, but the ends do not fucking justify the fucking means, dammit. And I'm not sure the Merkins are doing a much better job right now.

... Bush?

Seems to believe in what he's doing which is good. Dodgy election fixing bad. And I totally disagree with him.

... downloading music?

Morally wrong, but I do it occasionally anyway.

... the legal drinking age?

Seems to be OK at the moment.

... porn?

See prostitution.

... suicide?

I support people who do it, even though I think it's often an inappropriate decision.

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