April 28th, 2004

userinfo senji
2004/04/28 17:34:00 - Lost, and waiting...
On Monday morning, by the side of the road, I found a yellow stuffed elephant. I stopped and placed it carefully on the grass verge, where it wouldn't get run over by any cars, but left it in the hope that its owner would discover it later.

On Tuesday evening, cycling home, it had gone. I hope it was a happy ending....
Current Mood: [mood icon] hopeful

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userinfo beckyc
2004/04/28 09:39:41
That was nice of you. I'm sure the story is a very sad one but, like you, I hope it had a happy ending.
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userinfo megamole
2004/04/28 10:38:35
Sounds like a cue for a story, or a poem, or something. I hope the story wasn't a very sad one; you did a good thing. Mind you, giving the elephant a home would also have been good.
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