April 20th, 2004

userinfo senji
2004/04/20 23:36:00 - [roleplay] Thinking of September
For some time now, I've had a ficlet/drabble that I felt at the time of writing would make the good start for an online HP RPG. It's set starting in September 1999 (one full year after the end of Book Seven), and I have a good idea of the broad-sweep of what's happened in the three years that aren't canonically chronicled. Said events drawing heavily on fanon, aparecium and my own writings. Player characters would be mainly (entirely) staff at Hogwarts.

What I'm wondering is, should I let this thing happen? In which case I'd have RPing starting in September (since that will make the dates co-align, and since that's the earliest I can practically really commit a steady amount of my time from).
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userinfo meirion
2004/04/20 15:52:24
well, i'd be interested. i spend at least two hours a week at the moment wondering whether it'd be possible to resurrect aparecium from its current doldrums ...

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userinfo mina_laury
2004/04/21 03:20:10
I'd certainly like to read the ficlet and any thoughts about the next three years you have!

I'll follow the RP with interest if it happens, though I've pretty much given up on online RPing as it seems to be the thing that gets thrown out of the basket whenever I have fits of being unable to cope and I feel bad about letting other people down.
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