March 14th, 2004

userinfo senji
2004/03/14 23:19:00 - Memeage...

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userinfo damerell
2004/03/15 13:55:16
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userinfo senji
2004/03/15 16:22:32
Well, many years ago, before we started to build dyson spheres around suns, we built rings. And I don't mean rings around suns, but rings that orbitted suns loosely, and let the light in through the side.

One of those rings was known as chiark.

It got destroyed during the Idiran War.

However, in one of the many strange incidents relating to that war, a part of the Mind of chiark got blasted back many many centuries, back to a planet known only as Earth; where it came into the possession of an early Computing Pioneer known to us as Diziet.
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userinfo sion_a
2004/03/16 02:03:15
blasted back many many centuries

Er, shouldn't that be forward? (In which case it doesn't really need to be blasted at all....)
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userinfo ewx
2004/03/16 03:03:17 - It got destroyed during the Idiran War.
Gurgeh was living on it after the war. Perhaps you're thinking of Vavatch.
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