March 14th, 2004

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2004/03/14 23:19:00 - Memeage...

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2004/03/15 08:24:29
Exalted is a roleplaying system and setting produced by White Wolf. In the grand tradition of Fantasy roleplaying the characters are Heroic people who have been Exalted by one of a small number of agencies (7 gods, "Gaia" or the Deathlords), gaining super-human powers in the process.

Thanks to a Great Curse laid down by the ancient creators of creation, though, these Exalts also have Great Flaws; and the most powerful of them were overthrown by the weaker (Terrestrial) Exalts some 1,500 years ago because of these flaws. These Solar Exalts are now hunted down and killed whenever they are discovered.

Depending on the flavour of the month, Exalted either is or isn't the Second Age in the world in which Vampire and Werewolf are the Sixth Age...
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