March 1st, 2004

userinfo senji
2004/03/01 22:53:00 - the event of fading and gradually vanishing from sight

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userinfo ex_lark_asc
2004/03/02 04:22:38
I think the agonised yodelling works quite well with the subject matter. I thought about Evanescence for a while and came to the conclusion that they're --><-- this far away from being Really Good, but are choosing angst over productio values at the moment..
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userinfo ptc24
2004/03/02 11:52:34
It'll be interesting when the next album comes out, what with the change in lineup and all that...
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userinfo ex_lark_asc
2004/03/03 02:59:30
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userinfo ptc24
2004/03/03 04:34:02
Apparently Ben Moody has left - he walked out on a tour, and since then the arrangement has been made permanent. Various interviews I've read on the webternet say that Ben and Amy, being the founders of the band, were always the ones with the biggest creative input (and did Origin without the other two, seeing as you can have less people than parts when you're recording), and that with Ben having left, Amy's going to be looking to get the rest of the band (including the new guitarist) into the writing.
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the event of fading and gradually vanishing from sight - Squaring the circle... — LiveJournal

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