February 21st, 2004

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2004/02/21 02:31:00 - Promise

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2004/02/22 08:02:44 - Re: I probably need to calm down.
If love is used for destruction, then it is not truly love. If love is destroying the individual feeling it, then it's not love

Nonsense. How you act on a feeling and what the consequences of your chosen course of action are do nothing to alter the nature of the emotion itself. Love doesn't always equal fluffy unselfish tree-hugging goodness; many people exist in the world who live and experience love as sonething inherently painful, but it is no less love because of that. All love does is create a bond between ourself and another, strong enough to have the potential to motivate us to selflessness; the decision about how we act on those strong feelings, whether we choose selflessness or jealousy or something else entirely, is as ever up to the individual.

My belief is that the Christian God is a God that can be known without attaching the label 'Christian' and can be experienced thus

You're agreeing with me there. But explain to me; if the Christian god can be 'known' without necessarily being the Christian god, why does the experience that connotes that deity to you need to be created by or representative of a god at all? Why stop questioning there? I think the potential for the experiences you ascribe to your god exist within us as simple biological beings; it's possible to give someone a religious experience by stimulating the right bit of their brain during surgery, for heavens' sake. You say that you are a part of your faith; is it not also possible that your faith is a part of you, and that you as a being are infinitely more surprising than you could have imagined?

I find myself wondering whether you have rejected the faith you were brought up in; whether the structures you grew used to, the existence of some thing which is not yourself and not of yourself and which represents what is good, have become things your mind needs to help it make sense of the world. What do you think?
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2004/02/22 15:25:09
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2004/02/23 02:31:06 - Re: I probably need to calm down.
I still disagree; love is equally as capable of being ultimately destructive to the individual as any other strong emotion. I'd have said there's more of a range of human experience than you're allowing for..

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