February 21st, 2004

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2004/02/21 02:31:00 - Promise

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2004/02/21 15:27:43 - Re:
One thought I've had for a very long while is that love is transitive? - anyway, whatever the pedantic term, it flows on. "Love Me, Love My Dog" is the cheap example, but it seems clear to me that properly loving[1] God (as portrayed by some) entails loving everyone that He loves, notably yourself and everyone else. Thus one may place God at the center of a network of love, a nice solid center that won't disappoint.

One of the many reasons - one of the better ones, I'd like to think - why whenever I give up my search in disgust, I cannot do so for long without a little flicker of curiosity returning. Ho hum.

[1] Cue long and involved discussion on 'real' love vs. mere pandering-to-wishes.
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