February 21st, 2004

userinfo senji
2004/02/21 02:31:00 - Promise

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userinfo ptc24
2004/02/21 10:37:44
I can see why it's necessary. Everyday life and everyday people are, well, flawed and unpredictable. I find it hard to come up with some less metaphorical way of saying this, but I feel it would be good to have something solid to center ones existence on, and everyday things (including, incidentally, ones self) just won't cut it.

Finding that something, though, is another matter...
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userinfo ex_lark_asc
2004/02/21 10:40:55 - Re:
The self is, pretty much, entirely predictable. The difficult part is learning to genuinely observe how you act and respond, rather than being fooled by what you think you're like..
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userinfo ptc24
2004/02/21 11:07:42
Beyond my (unaided) powers. Besides, at times, I'm all too predictable, which is half the problem.

It would also be kinda nice to have a center-of-existence which doesn't insult me more than the rest of existence put together, too...
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