March 2nd, 2003

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2003/03/02 17:13:00 - A thought
Harry Potter has major external (outside Hogwarts) plot elements (Voldemort being the obvious one), whereas I'm sure that neither St. Clare's nor Mallory Towers (the schoolchildren adventures I used to read when I was a lassd) had external events of any significant magnitude, and certainly not Voldemort-scale.
I'm not sure if this makes Potter or St Clare's/Mallory Towers more 'ideologically worthy'.
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userinfo bibliogirl
2003/03/02 15:55:47
Hmmm ... does Gwendoline's father's illness (which is in _Last Term at Malory Towers_) count? Or the singing contest that Mavis breaks bounds to go to (and gets bronchitis and loses her voice) - can't remember which book that's in?

The _Trebizon_ books, which are a sort of latter-day Malory Towers/St Clare's, do have quite a lot more external events, along with *gasp* the girls actually talking to boys, having boyfriends, etc.
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userinfo senji
2003/03/02 17:23:35
Hmm, I guess that they do count. (Just shows how long it's been...), although they're still not on the Voldemort scale :). Never read Trebizon. :-/

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