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Looking for CCCBs today, and on a lead from ceb I tried to visit The Coffee Shop on King Street, but it was closed, so Whittards was my next possibility. My route from the middle of King Street to Petty Cury was to go down the path between Christ's Pieces and Christ's College, which is somewhere I don't often walk.

This time, it triggered a memory cascade. When I was young, we lived for a while right up North in Redcar, and we lived opposite a park. Walking along that path gave me a definite feeling of congruence with the park opposite our old house. From there my brain skipped forwards some years to the time, when I was about 12, when (for some reason that escapes me) we visited Redcar for a weekend. We revisited that park, which had changed, but was still recognisable even from half a lifetime's distance. My parent's also visited the parents of someone I'd known quite well for the few years that we'd been there. Looking back I'm surprised, although it seemed quite natural then, I didn't recognise her at the time - 6 years changes anyone - but it was clear to us both after only a few minutes that we were still the same people we remembered, and it was as if we hadn't not seen each other for 6 years.

I wonder if there's anyone I haven't seen for 13 years now (or even 6 for that matter), with whom I would have the same resumption of tone of interaction; I don't think there is though, at least not of people with whom I spent so much time with at the time.
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