Senji (senji) wrote,

Drabble for meallanmouse

OK, meallanmouse didn't actually ask for this, but it was her one that she did for me that provided the initial half-thought, and it needed doing.

Also, it's infinitely better than it was originally thanks to angelofthenorth who sort of turned the structure inside-out and made it work (and deserves most of the credit).

Title: Strangely Drawn
Pairing: Remus/Luna

His pen adds to the clouds surrounding the moon. Not to obliterate, just... He realises he really has been staring at that same sheet of paper for 15 minutes.

She is not an expected problem, then, this second year. Even a Ravenclaw would seldom want a longer list of the dark and the dangerous, an ethereal dreaminess of unrealistic expectation. He smiles.

A second year to whom he feels strange attraction. A student he feels compelled to observe, to annotate. Not a problem he expects, as teacher.

Then neither was Sirius; yet they both crept up to redraw his world.

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