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From sciolist.
What's your most memorable roleplaying experience? (I'd rather it was LRP or tabletop rather than dubious sexual shenanigans)

Difficult question, and I think I can only narrow it down to two, so I'll give both.

In Tristan's Terminus Arcadia[1] game [2] my character, Wilheim, had fallen in love with someone, Maegwyn[3], who'd rescued him from Arcadia during his gauntlet, and believed he'd never see again. She had turned up at the covenent, and during the night while she was staying there broke into the Sanctum of the head of the Covenant to steal some stuff (a book IIRC). This put Wilheim in the position of having to decide between his Love and his Covenent.
He chose her, initially, and a confrontation with his sodales ensued. Eventually, I have to admit, he was brought over to their side[4], and helped them stop the Diedne plot, although he himself refused to involve himself when they attacked Maegwyn[5].

The other is the point at which bouncysusan from Aparecium became a real-different-person in my mind[6], which was when mhw and I were writing this post and I suddenly realised that Draco was actually succeeding in convincing Susan[7], which was something that I hadn't even imagined he could succeed in doing. After that she surprised me on a number of occasions :).

  1. I think that's what it was called.
  2. Ars Magica
  3. I think that's the spelling we settled on. It's pronounced May-Gwyn
  4. Under duress, rather...
  5. I'm not to this day sure if he actually would've let fear overcome love, or if a latter-day me would have had him resist, or betray his sodales during the ensuing.
  6. As opposed to a set of moods and reactions, which is the second stage of RPG character development in my mind.
  7. Rather than pursuading her not to say anything (in the short or long term) or causing her to go straight to a member of staff.

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