December 12th, 2003

userinfo senji
2003/12/12 00:52:00

I was just reminded of this Ackanomic rule (well, part of rule)...

As was well known to the Ancients, the ')' in a smiley (i.e. ;-), or :-)) does not constitute a closing bracket for any pair of brackets it happens to be enclosed in. Using a smiley as a closing bracket is in violation of the ancient Code of Pedantry.

Ackanomic. R.I.P.
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userinfo teleute
2003/12/11 19:08:33
ok, I'm really scared now, because this is one of the few things to do with computing that really bothers me. Typos I can handle, misuse or no-use of the Shift key I can handle. But people who don't close parentheses because they ended with a smiley deserve to be flamed into a cowering heap of abject shame. And now you say this is a pedantry rule? I'm rather ashamed at that ;)
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userinfo rho
2003/12/12 00:38:39
*bows head*
*moment of silence*
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userinfo khendon
2003/12/12 01:05:04
I usually reword sentences to avoid that, because I can't stand the look of :-)). It looks like those overexcited smileys people who use too many exclamation marks use.
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userinfo grimgrim
2003/12/12 05:28:51
I have for some years addressed this important issue in a manner which I shall contrive to demonstrate (non-self-referentially ;-) ...) for your approval.

I find this maintains the distinction twixt typographical figure viz. smiley and parenthetical punctuation both perspicuously and pulchritudinously.
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