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I don't seem to be very good at guessing these things, so lets have a go at setting one:

(1) And if there's no tomorrow // And all we have is here and now
(2) Packing your bags, being sure and thorough, // Knowing though you're late, that ship is sure to wait.
(3) Like lambs go to the slaughterhouse, we know our rights from wrongs
(4) Tougher than diamonds, rich like cream; // Stronger and harder than a bad girl's dream.
(5) Now that you're not a kid anymore? // I know just what to say // I answer right away
(6) This is it boys, this is war. // The president is on the line
(7) Now I'm on your track and I'm in your mind // And I'm on your back but don't look behind
(8) We're heading for something // Somewhere I've never been // Sometimes I am frightened // But I'm ready to learn
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