October 9th, 2003

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2003/10/09 23:26:00 - Catching up with the wavefront
It's been a while since I've journaled anything serious, so we'll hit the high points fast....

Firstly: (From 2003/10/03)
Readers lost since last week: met24 (who appears to have deleted his journal, don't know why).

We moved house. We're now living in Girton, and we four. atreic, claroscuro, emperor and senji. Moving, as ever, was GREAT STRESS OF DOOM, but we're mainly unpacked now, and the housewarming is on the 18th. If you haven't been invited and you can read this and you want to come then comment here!

Work have hired steph to replace Janet (who's happily working for the RSS in London, bossing people around...), and he's starting on Monday. On the flip paw, due to BT being muppets we have no ADSL at work for the imperceivable future (well, until October 15th IIRC). *sigh*. You win some, you lose some.

arrowroot is a bit delayed - sorry. I might reply to the emails I have on hold at the weekend if I get time. If work's ADSL was working then I'd've done so by now.

Edith's prequel went well. We/I confirm that Silas is a bit of an arrogant prat, but he didn't have too many houses fall on him. Nick's character needs a bit of work, and Tristan's was a lot of fun. I haven't smoothed all of my/our edges off yet though. Sidereal Exalted is out now, so that's on the top of my spending list.

claroscuro and I have had evil colds of death, but we're both pretty much over them(*touch wood*) now.

I've now got three displays on my desk, and am thinking of adding a serial terminal for syslog(8) output as well. This is extremely cool, and I'll have to take a photo once it is all set up.

Oh, and I'm another year older in 13 hours and 18 minutes. Lucky me :).
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2003/10/09 16:32:04 - Housewarming!
Woooooo! PARTY!
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2003/10/09 19:01:54
#...happy birthday to joo-ooooon....#
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