February 9th, 2003

userinfo senji
2003/02/09 00:02:00 - Two feet!
Memewards we go...

Cowardly, cowardly,
Senji the Sorcerer,
Clubfooted alchemist,
Feared for his life.

Reacted unconsciously.
Placing his assassin
In fatal strife.
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userinfo simont
2003/02/09 01:18:41 - Eek, it's a meme!
How many people have done double dactyls on here recently?

I saw two before I did mine, and it didn't feel like a meme then. It was just a sort of "hey, these are quite fun" thing. Have another six people who I don't read done it since then, or do three previous occurrences make it a meme whereas two don't? Have we finally isolated the true nature of memehood? :-)

(ObGripe: Your second stanza doesn't scan at all! The first line has seven syllables so it can't be right, and all three of the subsequent lines have the stresses in the wrong place. :-P )

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userinfo senji
2003/02/09 09:46:44 - Re: Eek, it's a meme!
Hmm, yes, you're right.

Thaumaturgically is Strong-weak-weak-weak-weak-weak which doesn't take too much effort to shift to the right stress pattern, and I don't have any problem with the last line.

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userinfo simont
2003/02/10 01:16:16 - Re: Eek, it's a meme!
"Thaumaturgically" has the first stress in the right place, yes, but the secondary stress is on the third syllable - thaumaturgically. You can't shift it to the fourth without sounding incredibly odd: "thaumaturgically", with the "gic" one of the most stressed bits of the word.

Likewise you can't believably stress the first syllable of "assassin". Or, at least, I can't.

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Two feet! - Squaring the circle...

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