August 26th, 2003

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2003/08/26 17:20:00 - Exalted wibble
Mmm, well I've finished off char-gen for this Abyssal Exalted character, Creation's Mirror - well, apart from picking an Anima (surely agreement should make that Animus for male characters? It doesn't though). I'd post the char-sheet here, 'cept that I might use him in Edith's campaign.

Now I just need to put his background-short-story into text (in the un-(subtly modified for Edith's campaign) form).

Also, I ought to get around to webifying Alicia's terminal char-sheet at some point...
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userinfo sciolist
2003/08/27 02:37:03
You're playing Exalted again? gosh.
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userinfo theinquisitor
2003/08/29 07:34:52
Iselsi Silas (a.k.a. a whole host of other things) is done, I think - as is Nick's character, pretty much. There's talk of a mini-prelude type thing being run at Oblivion to while away the time until October.

That would likely be running once Edith got back from Leeds (which is Saturday week), and I'd imagine Creation's Mirror would be welcome to join in. Talk to Edith about it tonight.
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