August 26th, 2003

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2003/08/26 01:19:00 - Weekend
Was generally good.

According to claroscuro I slept for 58% of the time we were at my parents, which means that I'm, err, sleepy now :). Should be good in the long term though.

Esther (my niece) has got to the pointing-at-things-and-saying-stuff stage, and can usually sort shapes into the right holes in shape-sorters (lack of dexterity being more of a problem than visual recognition).

Katherine (my sister) is noticeably bulgy with nephew/niece number 2, and is apparently generally OK, although she'll have to take a course of antibiotics for some urinary infection.

My mother is having some problems with her elbow :(.

We also had some transitory new-house-doom, but that was sorted out by emperor making a phone call to the new landlady. Yay.
Current Mood: [mood icon] sleepy

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