September 5th, 2008

userinfo senji
2008/09/05 20:09:00 - A royal prial of tandems
Earlier today, whilst walking between the Leatherhead office and the station, I saw an unusual enough sight at first glance — two pair of tandems. But what made it noteworthy was that each stoker (rear cyclist) wore a hi-vis jacked marked "BLIND CYCLIST".
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userinfo cartesiandaemon
2008/09/05 22:00:29
ROFL. (Obviously that is where blind cyclists ride, but could you tell if that was in all seriousness, or to indicate a cyclist who wasn't steering, or just an ingenious way to get people to keep their distance?)
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userinfo morganmuffle
2008/09/05 22:44:40
I've never actually seen anyone cycling like that but I'm told we have quite good hopes in the tandem sprint at the Paralympics (I'm also told t's a sight well worth seeing *g*)

Really glad to see you around by the way.
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A royal prial of tandems - Squaring the circle...

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