March 31st, 2008

userinfo senji
2008/03/31 17:18:00 - LiveBoats
synecdochic asks “hypothetically” about a post-LJ blogging/social-networking site.

[info]shusu talks about centralising resources for those jumping ship.
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userinfo ewx
2008/03/31 18:29:38
Not to be a broken record, but replacing a large centralized system with undesirable features with another large centralized system risks ending up with the same undesirable features emerging over time, as the same exigencies of running such services take their toll.
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userinfo senji
2008/03/31 22:26:30
That's one of the reasons keeping me off sites like IJ. The way I read synecdochic's thoughts interop would be a big thing which would at least potentially give you multiple large centralisedish systems.

And, of course the big advantage of LJ is that it is a large centralised system.
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