March 31st, 2008

userinfo senji
2008/03/31 15:59:00 - Who is worse?
Read this. (From the Brick Testament).

Who is worse?

My great-grandparents were killed by a six-letter genocide, you insensitive clod.

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userinfo marnanel
2008/03/31 15:05:57
"godwin" is also six letters.
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userinfo kaet
2008/03/31 15:55:10
Pol Pot?
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userinfo ex_robhu
2008/03/31 17:33:26
Who is responsible?
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userinfo ilanin
2008/03/31 18:41:27
Worse than what?
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userinfo megamole
2008/03/31 19:08:02
The book of Joshua bears out my hypothesis that the early version of Yahweh was a complete psycho. He's not the God I worship.
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userinfo alextiefling
2008/03/31 22:21:05
A completely unverifiable suggestion: Moses was a part-Egyptian who let the mostly Semitic tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh up out of Egypt to settle in or near Canaan with the permission of the Pharaoh. Joshua was a genocidal Canaanite warlord who subdued the region at roughly the same era. Long afterwards, when their followers had intermarried and fused their ideas about Aten, El, Baal and sundry other gods into a more comprehensively monogamous religion, Jeremiah and Ezra put them in the same story together because it seemed to make more sense that way.
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userinfo alextiefling
2008/03/31 22:21:43
Er, monotheistic, not monogamous. I was thinking of 'monolatrous' at the same time.
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