December 28th, 2007

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2007/12/28 16:02:00 - yuletide fic recs.
yuletide has seen even more fics than ever written this year (2037!), and out of the acout 150 of them that I've read these are my recommendations. The story written for me comes first on the list, of course, the rest are alphabetic by fandom….

Links to the fic I wrote this year will be on serialisations after the big author reveal on New Year's Day.
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2008/01/08 21:04:45 - Your comment on 'The Invisible City'
Hello there ^_^ The email notification of your comment on my Yuletide fic went astray, so I stalked you down here just to say thank you very much for your comment and your rec - I spent a fair while wondering whether anyone would want to join me in wading around the London sewers for 13000 words, and it was a great relief to find out that apparently some people did.

How could you do such a thing to a poor innocent character?

*grins* Funny you should mention that. Just about the first thing I said to my fic-aiding-and-abetting friend when I had the first inkling of a plot for the story was "I have the nasty feeling de Carabas is going to do something *awful* to Richard..." Poor Richard. Clearly doomed from the outset.

Thanks again, and I hope you have a happy new year!
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userinfo dreamflower02
2008/01/10 00:52:41
Thank you so much for reccing "Outliving the Universe"; I'm very encouraged by the responce to the story, and you have helped make my first Yuletide experience a positive one!
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