December 7th, 2007

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2007/12/07 16:19:00 - Last Posting Dates.
Apologies for it being a bit late for this, services are Air or normal local mail unless specified, not all services are listed where there are more than two.

UKAustralia, New Zealand, and other distant placesTODAY
USA, Canada, Japan, and Eastern Europe Monday
Western Europe (may be later) Thursday
UKFriday 14th (Parcels)
Monday 17th (Second)
Thursday 20th (First)
Saturday 22nd (Special)
USAMilitary ZIP 093 Passed
Africa, Central and South America Passed
Wednesday (Express)
Military except ZIP 093Tuesday
Tuesday 18th (Express)
Rest of World Tuesday
Monday 17 (Express)
Tuesday 18 (Canada, Express)
USA Thursday 20th
Saturday 22nd (Express)
NZWorld Passed
Wednesday (Int. Express)
Australia, South PacificSaturday
Monday 17th (Int. Express)
NZWednesday 19th
Saturday 22nd (FastPost)

Canadian and Australian Postal Services websites were unhelpful this year. If you'd like me to consult your country's postal services website when I do this next year (hopefully earlier) then please comment on this post.
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userinfo mickat24
2007/12/27 15:08:24
I got your lovely card! Thank you so much! I'm sorry, I didn't send out any holiday cards myself this year, but I'll see what I can do... I don't have you address though, I don't think... Thanks again, and I hope you had a happy Christmas!
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