October 24th, 2007

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2007/10/24 18:10:00 - 7 userpics meme
morganmuffle invited me to "Comment on this post." saying "I'll chose seven userpics from your profile and you'll reply here (or post in your journal) explaining what they mean and why you're using them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along."

pictionary"pictionary" was my first LJ icon, and originally my default one before I discovered that you couldn't make iconless comments if you had a default. It originates from an alt.fan.eddings meet at which a game of afe pictionary was played. This image was the drawing for myself. I still use this as a kind of default or when, for whatever reason, I'm feeling particularly defined by my beard.
endings"endings" is the sign of Saturn. In this case it represents Saturn, the Maiden of Endings, from White Wolf's Exalted setting and stems from the fact that for a year I played a Exalt of said Maiden, Nellens Anila Kira. It tends to get used for Exalted-related stuff and anything that has to do with endings.
gerund"gerund" (or more strictly "a lonely gerund") is a Molesworthian illustration of a grammatical concept :). It tends to get used in cases where grammar is being discussed, but is also one of the userpics I use in sad contexts.
methsoc"methsoc" is a userpic representation of the Cambridge Methsoc (that is "Student Methodist Society") scarf. Fortunately for most people's sanity no versions of this scarf have been made since before I was an undergraduate, although whilst I was treasurer I did occasionally wear the one that was part of the treasurer's portfolio. It doesn't get used very much because I no-longer go to Methsoc events, but it comes out for methodist-related things and when I'm feeling "Warmly Strange".
queen diamondsDon't you draw the queen of diamonds boy
She'll beat you if she's able.
You know the queen of hearts is always your best bet.

— The Eagles
Need I say more? Used to refer to the playing of games, and when whimsy takes me.
apt-get moo"apt-get moo", or at least I assume morganmuffle meant this one of the pair. This is a photoshop of the original icon which is the cow you get when you type apt-get moo into a debian machine (that is, it is an easter-egg in the apt-get programme). This one was photoshopped to add a santa-hat last Christmas, and I liked it so much I've kept it. It gets used for silly things, lighthearted geeky things, and around Christmas.
ship"ship" is the ship from a current (Darwin) £10 note. I believe at the time I created it I wanted an icon to talk about money with, and was delighted by fact that I'd also be able to use it in fandom discussions.... It also gets used in discussions of sailing ships and just sometimes because I feel like it since I like this one quite a bit.

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userinfo ilanin
2007/10/24 18:49:10
Ah, elitist memes you can only take part in if you have a non-free account. It was bound to happen eventually.

Of course, I only have two of the the "free" allocation of six anyway. Maybe I should get more sometime.
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userinfo senji
2007/10/24 19:05:04
Good point, I hadn't thought of that. Feel free to participate with both of yours :-).

This is actually only the second userpics meme I've had the chance to participate in, and I'm an evil person with what is I think the maximal allocation of the things.
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userinfo cartesiandaemon
2007/10/24 20:18:22
You could pedantically note the absence of the restrictor "unique" before "seven userpics" :)
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7 userpics meme - Squaring the circle...

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