October 18th, 2007

userinfo senji
2007/10/18 17:59:00 - Washing Machines
For the purposes of this poll I assume non-combination washing machines — that is that 'clean' washing is at least damp if not wet.

Which of these are valid states for a washing machine?

open, empty
open,being emptied,clean,attended
open,being emptied,clean,unattended
open,being filled,dirty,attended
open,being filled,dirty,unattended
closed,being emptied,clean,(operation interrupted)
closed,being filled,dirty,(operation interrupted)
other (as described in comments
You insensitive clod, my second-cousin was killed by an unattended washing machine

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userinfo aldabra
2007/10/18 17:33:58
Closed, empty, running probably has bleach in. By "valid" I mean instantiated in our household in reasonably normal circumstances.
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userinfo yrieithydd
2007/10/18 18:50:01
Interesting currently more people appear to shut the door if they interrupt the filling/emptying process than not which seems odd to me. I only shut the door when it's full. If I'm filling it and remember something else which needs to go on, I'll go and get it leaving the door open. Similarly sometimes I unload in phases (depending on where I'm putting it) as I haven't got a clean washing basket.

I tend to leave the door open once I've used it as it's damp inside. I suppose I might push it shut the following day but I don't think so.

Mine also has an on/off switch which I tend only to hit once the thing is full and the door shut (because that's when I think of it) and which I turn off when I remember (varies from when I empty it to a bit later when I notice the light's on and therefore it's wasting leccy)

I'm also amused by the person who doesn't think open,being filled,dirty,attended is a valid option.
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userinfo williamjm
2007/10/18 19:52:23
I think it is also valid to have a washing machine that has some washing in it, but is not full and is not being filled at that time. Also you could empty a washing machine full of dirty washing, for example if you realised after filling the washing machine that you had no washing powder.
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userinfo chess
2007/10/18 20:41:07
Our washing machine starts when you close the door (there's technically an on-off switch, but it's something of a gamble whether the thing will turn back on again if you turn it off).
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userinfo alextfish
2007/10/18 21:54:13
The rough set of states I expect, in order:

closed empty
open empty attended
open being filled attended
open full dirty attended
closed full dirty
closed running
closed full clean
open full clean being emptied attended

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userinfo vyvyan
2007/10/18 23:29:23
What a strange thing to ask. What did you have in mind by "valid" anyway? Socially acceptable? Plausible? Intended by the manufacturer?
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userinfo ptc24
2007/10/19 08:14:50
Other = being repaired
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userinfo lnr
2007/10/19 08:26:46
OK, it goes like this:

Open, empty (usual state)
Open, partially full, dirty, unattended (eg you've thrown in a dirty teatowel)*
Open, being filled, dirty, attended (putting the rest of a load in)
Closed, full, dirty, unattended (the load is ready but you don't want to put it on just yet because it's noisy and you're open plan)*
Closed, full, running (well, yes)
Closed, full, clean (unless you hover to open it the instant it stops)
Open, full, clean, unattended (if it's finished but don't have time to empty it yet)*
Open, being emptied, attended (obvious)
Open, empty (and back to the beginning)

The ones marked with a * are optional, and the last of them is not preferred, but better than leaving it closed.

If you make a mistake and leave it too long in some states the machine will get smelly, and then you might want to use

Closed, empty, running

with a bit of bicarb in the drawer instead of washing powder, to make it clean again. I've also had it in that state when it was being repaired, to try and find the error.
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userinfo lnr
2007/10/19 08:29:37
NB open is usually only a crack unless actually filling or emptying.
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userinfo naath
2007/10/19 10:17:57
In normal operation the usual states for my washer are "closed, empty" and "closed, full, running" - between these states are "open, emptying" and "open, filling" if I'm called away whilst emptying or filling I'll usually leave it open. "full, closed, clean" is imo a bad state to leave it in for too long but unless I watch it obsessively then it's going to be in that state for a while; "full, closed, dirty" means "now you can turn it on".

I think just about the only *invalid* state I can think of is "open, running" although "empty, running" is a state I don't see much use for.
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userinfo uisgebeatha
2007/10/19 10:44:02
Our machine was empty and running yesterday, but we think that was the dude that came out to fix it possibly leaving it on as a test, to make sure we don't have a lake in the middle of the kitchen...;)
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userinfo sarabian
2007/10/19 11:37:49
Are you talking about a lauderette? Or at home in a shared house?

Back in my student days, any non running, unattended machine was fair game, clean or otherwise. I don't think you could interrupt them; but then I never tried.
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