October 16th, 2007

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2007/10/16 18:18:00 - yuletide is upon us, the pig is getting fat…
Thursday is the last day for yuletide signups, if you're interested in that kind of thing. yuletide is an annual fanfic secret santa event that matches people up for getting/writing stories in uncommon fandoms (last year I wrote a CJ Cherryh Cyteen follow-up story, 2004 was Alice in Wonderland and in between I apparently wrote a Tamuli fic that I have no memory of at all. And the archive's closed at the moment in the run-up to this year's additions.).

It's great fun, although for those of us who have difficulty stringing 1000 words together it can be a bit stressful….
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userinfo the_alchemist
2007/10/22 12:24:24
Thanks for reminding me - I've been meaning to sign up for this for years, but never remembered during the sign-up period until I saw this entry and signed up forthwith.
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yuletide is upon us, the pig is getting fat… - Squaring the circle...

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