September 27th, 2007

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2007/09/27 15:46:00 - …three different names…
So, if I'm going to be working from home I'm going to end up with probably three work computers at home ("server", "workstation", "laptop") and since I'll no-longer be tied to the mountain-naming-scheme of the Cambridge office and all three are going to go through reinstalls between now and then I think I'll integrate them into my general naming scheme; approximately summarised as "female characters from fiction (fantasy/sci-fi mostly), and unusual enough that one doesn't confuse computers and people" (my Sun machine 'allison' breached the second half, but that was maintaining CUED's name for the machine since it almost fit). I also try to keep computers having unique initial letters for ease on my brain, and I'm working round in alphabetical order at the moment.

So the next three letters I have to work with are IJK, and I'm having difficulty coming up with any names therefore; to the extent that the one of each I've actually thought of make a nice "space opera" themed sub-scheme — (Susan) Ivanova, Jadzia (Dax), Kylara (Vatta) — but I'm not entirely happy with any of those, so I was hoping that the many literate people on my fiends list might be able to offer alternative suggestions.
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userinfo damerell
2007/09/27 15:36:18
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userinfo simont
2007/09/27 15:59:08
Islena? Jaelle?
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userinfo geekette8
2007/09/27 16:00:50
Heh, our current set are Worf, Garibaldi, Dargo, Neelix, and Spike :-)

Some Pratchett options:
Kin Arad

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userinfo geekette8
2007/09/27 16:05:29
More space opera, but Kaylee and Inara of course from Firefly / Serenity.

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userinfo cartesiandaemon
2007/09/27 17:28:32
And Jayne, if you accept a female sounding name.
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userinfo mair_aw
2007/09/28 02:25:22
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