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Casting Senji's Fiends

According to lj sitcom this is the casting list for my Fiends...

acroblog: Daniel Baldwin
acronym: Emma Watson
agenticarus: Ice Cube
alais: Marilyn Monroe
aldabra: Julia Stiles
amgb2: Jennifer Lopez
of_evangeline: Forest Whitaker
angelofthenorth: Pamela Anderson Lee
angoel: John Ritter
angua: Demi Moore
antinomy: Thora Birch
apod: Nathan Lane
aquarionics: James Earl Jones
atreic: Tim Robbins
beckyc: Michael Richards
ceb: Ana Gasteyer
chess: Brittany Murphy
cjwatson: Laura Bertram
claroscuro: Vivica Fox
column: Bob Saget
crazyscot: Peter Cushing
damerell: Scott Bakula
davefish: Michael Baldwin
dysartes: Thora Birch
emperor: Keenen Ivory Wayans
ewx: Richard Hatch
fanf: Don Knotts
meallanmouse: Greta Garbo
fivemack: Scott Bakula
fluffymormegil: Madeleine Stowe
from: Christopher Lee
games_puzzles: Debbie Reynolds
gioiaverdi: Rupert Everett
grimgrim: John Belushi
hesadevil: Phoebe Cates
hmw26: Christopher Lee
hoiho: Eddie Murphy
imago: Dudley Moore
j4: Charlie Chaplin
kaet: Jessica Lange
khendon: Jeanne Tripplehorn
lalajia: Keifer Sutherland
lark_ascending: David Schwimmer
lnr: Angie Harmon
lusercop: Jason Biggs
marnanel: Lucille Ball
mctabby: Lily Tomlin
meirion: Max von Sydow
met24: Joey Lawrence
mhw: Angie Harmon
mjg59: Joey Lawrence
mobbsy: Meg Ryan
mpinna: Mickey Roonie
mtbc100: Anna Paquin
naath: Demi Moore
nassus: Chloe Sevigny
pavanne: John Turturro
phoenixandy: Boris Karloff
pm215: Holly Hunter
ptc24: Martin Lawrence
pto452: Walter Matthau
quoththecrow: Mary Tyler Moore
rejs: Christopher Lee
rho: Daryl Hannah
rmc28: Joey Lawrence
robinbloke: Colin Farrell
rumor_esq: Julia Roberts
sarabian: Hank Azaria
sciolist: James Best
senji: Mike Myers
simont: Jerry Seinfeld
sion_a: Julia Roberts
skloak: Mickey Rourke
slytherincesss: Patricia Richardson
songster: Robert Blake
sphyg: Gary Oldman
sys64738: Debbie Reynolds
teleute: Denzel Washington
the_lady_lily: Bernadette Peters
theinquisitor: Paul Robeson
timeplease: Farrah Fawcett
trakkie: Lucille Ball
vyvyan: Alicia Silverstone
zeft: Vivien Leigh

I think alais comes off the best in that...

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