August 22nd, 2003

userinfo senji
2003/08/22 00:02:00 - Casting Senji's Fiends
According to lj sitcom this is the casting list for my Fiends...

acroblog: Daniel Baldwin
acronym: Emma Watson
agenticarus: Ice Cube
alais: Marilyn Monroe
aldabra: Julia Stiles
amgb2: Jennifer Lopez
of_evangeline: Forest Whitaker
angelofthenorth: Pamela Anderson Lee
angoel: John Ritter
angua: Demi Moore
antinomy: Thora Birch
apod: Nathan Lane
aquarionics: James Earl Jones
atreic: Tim Robbins
beckyc: Michael Richards
ceb: Ana Gasteyer
chess: Brittany Murphy
cjwatson: Laura Bertram
claroscuro: Vivica Fox
column: Bob Saget
crazyscot: Peter Cushing
damerell: Scott Bakula
davefish: Michael Baldwin
dysartes: Thora Birch
emperor: Keenen Ivory Wayans
ewx: Richard Hatch
fanf: Don Knotts
meallanmouse: Greta Garbo
fivemack: Scott Bakula
fluffymormegil: Madeleine Stowe
from: Christopher Lee
games_puzzles: Debbie Reynolds
gioiaverdi: Rupert Everett
grimgrim: John Belushi
hesadevil: Phoebe Cates
hmw26: Christopher Lee
hoiho: Eddie Murphy
imago: Dudley Moore
j4: Charlie Chaplin
kaet: Jessica Lange
khendon: Jeanne Tripplehorn
lalajia: Keifer Sutherland
lark_ascending: David Schwimmer
lnr: Angie Harmon
lusercop: Jason Biggs
marnanel: Lucille Ball
mctabby: Lily Tomlin
meirion: Max von Sydow
met24: Joey Lawrence
mhw: Angie Harmon
mjg59: Joey Lawrence
mobbsy: Meg Ryan
mpinna: Mickey Roonie
mtbc100: Anna Paquin
naath: Demi Moore
nassus: Chloe Sevigny
pavanne: John Turturro
phoenixandy: Boris Karloff
pm215: Holly Hunter
ptc24: Martin Lawrence
pto452: Walter Matthau
quoththecrow: Mary Tyler Moore
rejs: Christopher Lee
rho: Daryl Hannah
rmc28: Joey Lawrence
robinbloke: Colin Farrell
rumor_esq: Julia Roberts
sarabian: Hank Azaria
sciolist: James Best
senji: Mike Myers
simont: Jerry Seinfeld
sion_a: Julia Roberts
skloak: Mickey Rourke
slytherincesss: Patricia Richardson
songster: Robert Blake
sphyg: Gary Oldman
sys64738: Debbie Reynolds
teleute: Denzel Washington
the_lady_lily: Bernadette Peters
theinquisitor: Paul Robeson
timeplease: Farrah Fawcett
trakkie: Lucille Ball
vyvyan: Alicia Silverstone
zeft: Vivien Leigh

I think alais comes off the best in that...

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userinfo alais
2003/08/21 17:11:08
I guess I do...

Apart from being dead for decades, of course :)
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userinfo senji
2003/08/21 17:48:53
Well, there is that I guess....
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userinfo ewx
2003/08/22 00:57:00
Some of those fit quite well l-)
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userinfo angua
2003/08/22 03:42:52
Yus, yus. I am certainly a spitting image for Demi Moore ;)
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userinfo pm215
2003/08/22 03:27:18 - should be linking to IMDB, really
Whatever's generating those lists ought to have included links to the IMDB database:,Holly
and so on, IMHO...

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userinfo senji
2003/08/22 03:29:24 - Re: should be linking to IMDB, really
I was getting too sleepy to work out IMDB links for everone....
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userinfo pm215
2003/08/22 13:01:00 - Re: should be linking to IMDB, really
I was more thinking that the guy who wrote the bit of code could have made it do that; one of those 'nice touch' things.

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userinfo lnr
2003/08/22 04:37:15 - Re: should be linking to IMDB, really
*prods IMDB* Hmmm, I wouldn't object to looking like this:

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userinfo acronym
2003/08/22 05:02:18 - Re: should be linking to IMDB, really
Daniel Baldwin is probably rather more accurate than Emma Watson (who IMDB tells me is Hermione in the Harry Potter films).

Neither really captures my essential features, though - but based on screen characters' personality, rather than appearance, the latter may be more accurate than the former!

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userinfo damerell
2003/08/22 14:37:22
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userinfo lnr
2003/08/22 14:55:41 - Re: should be linking to IMDB, really
You don't think? Oh well.
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userinfo damerell
2003/08/22 14:58:00
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userinfo lnr
2003/08/22 15:03:40 - Re: should be linking to IMDB, really
You mean that's supposed to be male?
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userinfo damerell
2003/08/22 15:07:46
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userinfo lnr
2003/08/22 15:17:57 - Re: should be linking to IMDB, really
I got it, I smiled, I obviously out deadpanned you though.
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userinfo mtbc100
2003/08/22 05:53:18
Anna Paquin: had to look her up on IMDB, but now I remember her. Quite how she fits for me, I'm not sure, but I do think she's cute. (-: That's a rather diverse cast that's been generated.
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