Senji (senji) wrote,

The Other Shoe…

I'm torn between the title above and "A Long Expected Parting…", but I think the one I've picked is the appropriate one. Following the acquisition of my then employer by my now employer years ago (more years than I've had an LJ) the position of the Cambridge Office has always been a little precarious — sometimes it's felt fine, sometimes it's teetered rather — but finally it's been decided that it's going to close with a result of Work-From-Home for two of us, and the other isn't unhappy about relocating anyway (the fourth having previously decided to leave; but the Other Shoe isn't their fault).

In general I think going to WFH is a positive thing, particularly in that it suggests that my employers still see me as a useful employee; but also in that I've been vaguely wanting to try it for some time now (but it's seemed entirely unreasonable since for most of my time here I've been the closest employee to the office!).
Tags: stuff, work, work from home

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