July 31st, 2007

userinfo senji
2007/07/31 22:12:00 - Win!
Since one of the early heavy rains, which entered the house via the window near my desk and assaulted my Kensington ExpertMousePro the top-left and scroll-wheel-depress buttons have both been producing the button-code of both of them — mostly a minor annoyance because wheel-depress wasn't bound to anything.

This evening I finally got sufficiently irritated with it to fix the problem (a short between two legs of the IC) with a screwdriver, some muttered swearing, and a stanley knife.
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Current Music: Queen — Radio Ga Ga
Entry Tags: geeky, life

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userinfo yrieithydd
2007/08/01 08:35:21
[grins] You're alive then? Not seen you or your wife posting of late. Did you get my email?
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