December 5th, 2006

userinfo senji
2006/12/05 10:17:00 - senji/ground experience
Today I got blown off my bike.

I was just approaching this junction at the tail of a queue of traffic (roadworks previously had ensured this), slowing down to stop in the right-turn lane when, as I got past the end of the Taylor Vinters building, a strong gust of cross-wind hit me and all of a sudden I'm doing that whole flying in the air thing.

Next thing I know I'm mostly underneath my bicycle about a foot and a half away from where the wind hit me, in the middle of the white-slashed central triangle. One leg was entangled rather in my handlebars which provided a slight barrier to freeing myself but I'm sure that if I hadn't managed it then the person who asked if I was OK would have helped out.

I walked the rest of my way to work. I appear to have suffered large grazes on my left elbow and knee and torn a nice big hole in my trousers, but otherwise come off OK.
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userinfo yrieithydd
2006/12/05 10:43:49
Ouch. Not nice. Glad you're not badly hurt. Cycling and wind is bad! I was very glad on Sunday morning when someone offered me a lift to the rehearsal before the evening service as one cycle in the wind was enough. I was even more glad of the lift when I cycled home to find a tree down across the cyclepath. I was also glad that I wasn't going past when it came down seeing as it was fine when I cycled into church at about 1015 and down when I came back at 1230.

(Also prod re: emails about my birthday)
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userinfo morganmuffle
2006/12/05 10:44:51
Ouch! Glad to hear you're alright, the wind is horrible high today. I foolishly attempted to use my umbrella on the way into work and very nearly got dragged into the road by a sudden gust before deciding wet was better than severely injured...
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userinfo mair_aw
2006/12/05 12:33:32
damaged ego?
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userinfo senji
2006/12/05 14:03:54
At worst bruised I think. I kind of expect the odd tumble although this one was rather more sudden than most!
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userinfo emperor
2006/12/05 14:09:16
ouchie! I've had the odd (blown-sideways) incident, but always manage to stay on somehow.
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userinfo mtbc100
2006/12/05 16:31:40
How very exciting for you.
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userinfo enismirdal
2006/12/05 19:20:44
Ow! I'm glad you're OK (aside from the ouchie superficial injuries). That must have been really a lot of wind!

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userinfo pavanne
2006/12/06 13:53:29
Ow. Heal fast!
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