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Odd couples meme

[From everyone]

Make a list of all the characters in your icons. Alphabetise them. Pair them up as you go.

The Archon ends up with a cow. I suspect that the cow ends up flambé

Cthulhu has a great time with Éowyn. I suspect that millions of Fanpersons are disappointed though when tentacle-pr0n doesn't result.

Professor Flitwick and the Lonely Gerund get on like a house on fire.

Harry Potter finds Llewellyn rather discomforting, whilst Llewellyn is puzzled by Harry's teenage angst.

Admiral Naismith takes Mimas by storm. Perhaps that is a deathstar?

Red Fraggle and Rin Trevellyn is a slightly strange crossover. I suspect that Rin would better adapt to eating Dozer scaffolding than Red would to Oberon College, though.

Senji ends up with a Seagull. Oh, well.

Pansy Parkinson gets the Magic Knight (I'm not entirely sure that she's what I imagined when considering his Princess…).

And last but not least Uni ends up with the Queen of Diamonds. Meh!
Tags: meme, random, silly
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