October 26th, 2006

userinfo senji
2006/10/26 12:58:00 - Chilli Sweets
Some months ago, at Relativity, I was (barely) introduced to a packet of some items which looked like chilli-shaped jelly sweets but tasted like chillies. (i.e. hot). Does anyone have any idea what they might have been, or where one could purchase such things?
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userinfo naomir
2006/10/26 13:33:43
You can get chilli chocolate from many Farmers markets in Devon... they have a chilli stall which sells all sorts of things with chilli in.
But not sure that helps :(
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userinfo simont
2006/10/26 13:47:00
A manager at work went on holiday to Thailand fairly recently, and came back with a box of "Russian Roulette Chocolates": twelve bullet-shaped chocolates, eleven of which had some normal centre or other, and the twelfth contained strong chilli :-)
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userinfo bellinghman
2006/10/26 15:02:22
You can get those here, too
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userinfo mouse262
2006/10/26 14:57:59
Myself and Quartz brought some round to once. They were chilli shaped jelly sweets that tasted of chilli. We got them in Lubeck in Germany. You couldn't eat more than a couple at a time.
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userinfo timeplease
2006/10/26 16:15:37
I think those are the ones senji is talking about - I was there at the time as well.
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userinfo senji
2006/10/26 16:29:28
That sounds like the evening I'm thinking of!

Lubeck is a long way away... :(
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2010/07/14 11:06:45 - You can get them here
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