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Mildly Musical Meme.

userinfoankaret gave me an 'S' in the Music Letter Meme.
You reply to this post and I give you a letter of the alphabet. Then you dredge up 10 songs that start with said letter and put them in your journal or in the comments here (with these or similar instructions).
  • Sanctify by Deliriou5
  • Save Me by Queen
  • Scarborough Fair / Canticle by Simon and Garfunkel
  • Seventeen by Ladytron
  • Sharpen Up The Knives by Puressence
  • Story Ends by Clan Of ΧΨΜΘΧ
  • Surf City by Jan and Dean
  • Suzy-Hang-Around by ABBA
  • Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These) by the Eurythmics
  • Swords of Ten Thousand Men by Tenpole Tudor
Tags: ankaret, life, meme, music
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