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Just a little surprising.

I appear to have failed to write this entry for days, so here we go. On Saturday userinfoclaroscuro and I went to TESCO like we usually do and, like many occasions, we caught the bus (which makes carry the shopping home easier). We were waiting at the outbound Golden-Hind bus stop for a C2 when an X9 rolled up. X9s are no use to us, because they don't stop in Milton (this is a change from the old 19 routes, but makes sense given that the C2s do now), but there was another passenger waiting to get on with us, which they did. And then, just as the bus was about to set off, there was a BANG and the bus jumped forward about half-a-metre.

For a moment the world seemed to stand still.

Then a number of us had the same idea, and we shuftied over to the back of the bus, where we found a blue, expensive-looking car partly embedded in the rear-left corner of the bus causing water to pour out of it. The poor passenger, whose legs appeared to have been saved mainly by the valiant action of crumple-zone designers, was sitting with his head in his hands whilst the driver looked on incredulously. After a short while the driver backed the car out of the traffic, once again demonstrating why crumple-zone designers are paid so much money, to reveal a rather devastated section of bus.

From then on in things became a little more mundane, one of the bus passengers got off to harangue the car driver, we waved the traffic around the bus until it figured out how to divide the remains of Milton Road into two effective lanes, and then our bus turned up (and we had to wave it down outside Lovell Road, because of all the damaged vehicles in the way).

There was no sign of any of this an hour later when we passed on our way back from TESCO.
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