August 3rd, 2006

userinfo senji
2006/08/03 23:07:00 - Jabber away
I have a service (It's a diplomacy play-by-email Judge) which operates via email. I'd like to add some IM capability as well, and Jabber seems like a fairly good place to start (and probably stop). What I basically need are the following:
  • A non-interactive tool for sending Jabber messages, with an interface kind of similar to sendmail(8)/mail(1).
  • A non-interactive tool for receiving Jabber messages which can drop each message into a separate file, or pipe them to some programme or email them to a set email address or anything similar like that.
There seem to be quite a few of the former available, but I've failed to find any of the latter. Anyone got any suggestions? I'm loathe to write my own Jabber client implementation!
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userinfo emperor
2006/08/04 09:34:24
Start with pyxmpp? [python thingy that does most of the hard work, AIUI]
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