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Since large chunks of my current bicycle are going to need replacing in the not too-distant future, and having an at least vaguely functional bicycle as a spare would be Very Handy I'm thinking it's time to buy a new bicycle. Unfortunately I'm not too up on the practice of purchasing bicycles, and looking at userinfoemperor's book of bike-pr0n merely made me think "yeah, they all look like bicycles".

Anyway, in the vague hope that people might be able to offer some advice, and because it'd probably be a good idea to write some of these things down so that I don't forget anything later, I thought I'd make an LJ post.

What do I want:
  • Some handlebars like this:
  • A lock like this:
  • A set of gears that make it easier to go faster, whilst retaining approximately the same "granny gear" capabilities — my current bike appears to have a 42-X-26 set of chainrings, and 6 rear gears with the smallest approximately a 13 (it's quite hard to count them)
  • A "gent's" frame
  • A fairly upright cycling position available (but, of course, using the bars above will give a wider range of positions...)
  • Pannier racks
  • A dynamo light might be nice, but hub-dynamos seem to be expensive, and I've only had trouble with bottles
  • A stand (great for short hops off the bike!)
  • Rear light integrated with pannier rack (I have this on the current bike, and it means one less thing available to forget!)
  • Oh, and a slow-release saddle that isn't hideously uncomfortable
Tags: cycling, emperor, life

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