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Now, I know my experience of #debian can barely be called "helpful" or "successful". Indeed I might well have described many of the frequent denizens as one of the most unhelpful community support channels that I've ever had the misfortune to frequent.

But that was all before I went on #centos with a simple question, viz where I might find a more recent udev than the one in Centos 4.3 so that I could run a more recent kernel. I wasn't expecting more than about "well, it isn't supported, but you could try <url>" or, if really lucky, someone who had already done this telling me what they'd done. But no, instead I get the third degree about how you were only supposed to use the Centos blessed software with their beloved distribution, and that I couldn't possibly have any genuine need to use a more recent kernel (particularly that there wasn't any unsupported hardware in 2.6.9 that anyone might possibly want to use, and besides which Centos is a server distribution (why does it have two complete desktop environments then???)), and accused of being a Gentoo Ricer and a Troll.
Tags: computers, idiots, linux, rant, work

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